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Do you have a close network in real estate? Are you experienced in asset management?  And are you ready to use your skills for something new? At ParkBee, we are looking for a freelance New Business Director that can take our scale-up to the next level.

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In Amsterdam, 13 percent of the city’s space is used for on-street parking. Still, it’s super hard to find a spot. At ParkBee we are on a mission to change that. We develop smart tech to optimise the use of underutilised parking space. Think apartments, office buildings and hotels. This way, we reduce the need for on-street parking and we keep cities liveable.

These last few years, we have grown from an ambitious start-up to an even more ambitious scale-up. We have two offices, one in the Netherlands and one in the UK. Together we manage over 130 ParkBee-locations within the private market. Now, we are expanding our service. We are partnering with leading international car park operators and we are ready to grow even more.

Who we’re looking for
To deepen our contacts with the Dutch real estate sector, we need someone from the inside to join our team. An experienced New Business Director to support our acquisition team and focus on expanding supply from real-estate clients in The Netherlands. You will be part of the Dutch acquisitions team, working together with our Head of Acquisitions.

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At ParkBee, you’ll join an open culture. We care about your work-life balance, love to chat at Friday drinks and organise cool events. Also, you’ll get daily delicious lunch at a small cost. Working at ParkBee is obviously different than working in asset management. However, if you want to make significant impact with your real estate knowledge and new business skills: this is exactly what you need. Send us your resume now and help us to keep your city moving!


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Tel: +31 020 8932610

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